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What Is Level 4 Strength & Conditioning?

Strength and Conditioning is a multi-faceted discipline within the Sport and Exercise Science arena. To be a truly competent Strength and Conditioning Coach one must understand the underpinning essentials and in-depth complexities of how to support, prepare and protect an athlete. But how do we, Strength and Conditioning professionals, train athletes for optimal physical, technical, tactical and psychological performance?

Here at PT & Nutrition Education, we will strive to help you answer those questions and become a fully qualified and successful strength and conditioning professional with our Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Qualification.

This Qualification will cover all essential aspects of what it takes to be an S&C coach; how to analyse sport and gym performance, carry out essential needs analyses; and to plan, deliver and evaluate periodised and performance-related S&C programs.

Not only will these key criteria be covered with the in-depth knowledge of our expert and industry-leading staff but you will be assessed and challenged in a variety of ways that are relevant to the vocation and remit of a professional strength and conditioning coach.

Course Details

The course is split into 2 units, each containing their own unique assessments, assessment methods and criteria. The unit details and stages of learning and assessment are detailed below.

Unit 1: Performance Analysis of the activity and athlete

Module 1: Strength & Conditioning Proposal

Within this module, you will be asked to explore… The roles of a strength and conditioning coach as part of a athletes support team Discuss the different challenges that working with contrasting athletes and sports would bring Analysis of performance demands (physiological/biomechanical/illness/injury) Assessment of an athlete capabilities (movement screening/testing/health and lifestyle screening)

Assessment methods for this module include:

A PowerPoint Presentation

Written Report

Audio Recording


Module 2: Case Study – Strength and Conditioning Client

Within this Module you will be asked to attain a real-life client with the following criteria; A real person/athlete involved in any recognized sport An athlete with goals and target which can be facilitated via S&C coaching A healthy individual without medical conditions which could hinder your intervention as an S&C coach Once you have obtained a willing client you will be asked to demonstrate and evidence the following criteria… Assessing a client Setting Performance Goals Designing of a Periodised training plan Evaluation and Modification of the plan Once these aspects are designed you will then present and defend your program to a panel of our strength and conditioning experts.

Assessment methods for this module include:

A PowerPoint Presentation

Written Report

Audio Recording


Unit 2: Coaching and Technical Performance

Module 1: Coaching

Within this module you will be expected to select and instruct the following: A performance related warm up – relevant to your athlete/sport/session A speed/agility drill A plyometric drill

Module 2: Technical Lifts Within this module you will be expected to instruct and demonstrate the following key lifts High-bar back squat 1 Olympic weightlifting technique (Snatch or Clean and Jerk) Assessment methods for these modules include: Coaching session plans of each drill/lift within the module Practically carry out with a structured coaching session.



Includes Registration & Certification.

Flexible payments options are available such as paying in instalments or the Advanced learner Loan.

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